New Salt Lake County GOP chair outlines plans for the party's future

Posted at 5:36 PM, Apr 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-11 20:51:24-04

The new chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party is looking to the future.

At Saturday’s organizing convention, Salt Lake County GOP delegates elected Chris Null with more than 60 percent support.

The party experienced turmoil in recent weeks after allegations of bullying, sexism and harassment were made public against now-former communications director Dave Robinson were made public. The accusations led to the resignation of Scott Miller as party chair.

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“We are not going to look back at the negativity and the different issues that went on. It’s a very complex issue,” Null said. “I’d much rather move forward and win elections and show the party is about the platform principles we claim to be.”

Null plans to reach out to women, minorities and younger voters to encourage their participation as delegates and future candidates. An important midterm election looms in November 2022.

“That’s the next generation of conservatives,” Null said. “If we don’t have them, we are going to lose them. It’s super important for me to work with them.”

The position as county chair of the GOP will be a challenge. In the 2020 Presidential Election, Salt Lake County supported President Joe Biden, a Democrat, by 11 percentage points. Utah’s six electoral votes were won by now-former President Donald Trump, a Republican who carried the state by 20 percentage points.

Null believes one key to turning the tide in Salt Lake County is recruiting candidates to run in each race, something he says has not been done in the past.

“Why do I want the position? Because I feel like it’s time to make significant changes,” he said. “I have been out there for the caucus convention system for years and to be perfectly honest, we haven’t done much as a party. I think this is the year I can help get that done.”

Null’s term as chair of the Salt Lake County Republicans is for two years.