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Large avalanche caught on camera in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Posted at 3:17 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 18:41:51-04

BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON, Utah — A large avalanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon was captured on camera Monday, showing how dangerous conditions are following heavy snowfall over recent weeks.

Even more troublesome is that the avalanche was triggered by an experienced group, according to the Utah Avalanche Center, which posted the video.

The center said a group of skiers started the event "when they dropped in for a slope cut," which triggered the 600-foot-wide avalanche.

FOX 13 News reporter Brian Schnee breaks down the dangers below of the avalanche caught on video

FOX 13's Brian Schnee shares video of avalanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon

The avalanche ran 1,600 feet, crossing the canyon creek during the duration before traveling up the other side of the drainage. No one was injured during the avalanche that measured up to 4 feet deep.

Over the last week, two people were reported buried during avalanches. One was a skier in Big Cottonwood Canyon who was rescued Saturday after having been buried for up to 23 minutes and losing consciousness.