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Utah woman shares experience after surviving I-15 pileup

Posted at 9:51 PM, Jul 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-27 23:58:00-04

MILLARD COUNTY, Utah — New video shows just how quickly things took a turn for drivers along I-15 in Millard County on Sunday, when a dust storm resulted in a massive, deadly pileup.

The people in the video above were hit from behind, but they fortunately survived.

Krystal Richardson was guiding her daughter, who was driving. They managed to get to the side of the freeway, but the vehicle that hit them pushed them into the median, between the north and southbound lanes. They believe that actually saved their lives.

But looking around, they feared another vehicle would hit them again — or worse, a semi-truck.

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"We had vehicles [that crashed] into diesels right next to us, we had trucks into a diesel right next to us, we were walking distance of this horror story," Richardson said. "I was so sad. Me and my kids were just heartbroken. We just sat there. When the dust settled, we got out [and] we just thought, 'We're so happy to be alive and we're blessed,' but it was a very sad situation to be in."

The family was on their way to California. But for the past two days, they've been stuck in a Fillmore hotel, recovering from neck pain. With their car totaled and no rental cars available, they just got back home this afternoon. They also want to thank the people of Fillmore for all they did to help them.

The series of crashes claimed the lives of eight people: Five Utahns from the same family (including three children), a married couple from Salt Lake City, and a teenager from Arizona.