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AirTag helps family track mover who claimed to be days away; was with his 'lady'

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Posted at 12:14 PM, Jan 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-17 14:21:13-05

NEW JERSEY — An Army family relocating to a new post used an AirTag to track a mover who claimed to be days away, but was instead with his girlfriend nearby.

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Valerie McNulty shared her horror story on Facebook, detailing the nightmare of getting her family's belongings from Colorado to New Jersey.

Luckily, McNulty planned ahead and knew to track the movers before they set out on the job with the Bluetooth Apple AirTag she had planted among her belongings.

While the family was on the east coast waiting for their possessions, the driver called saying he had just picked up the McNulty's shipment in Colorado and wouldn't be able to deliver them for another four days. However, the tracking device showed he was only four hours away from the final destination.

When they informed the driver that they knew he was nearby, he hung up on the family. He eventually called back and said he'd get there in three days because he had to stop first in New Jersey to see his "lady."

McNulty wrote that the driver was going to be delivering the home goods the next day after realizing he was being tracked, but implored military officials to do more to help families on the move.

"There is so much grey area when it comes to the military moving you. There are people that don’t care about your stuff, people that can’t help because they are the middle man, and people that try to abuse the system by lying and stealing," wrote McNulty. "Unfortunately the instillation we moved to we have no contacts to help us diffuse the situation. The Army needs to do better."