Cox pushes for 'Phone-Free Fridays' during summer in Utah

Posted at 11:48 AM, Jun 14, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — "Can you hear me now?" would be an ill-advised choice for his campaign slogan following Governor Spencer Cox's latest declaration.

In a social media post Friday, presumably made from his or someone on his staff's phone, the governor urged all Utahns to engage in what he calls "Phone-Free Friday" through the summer.

Claiming that smartphones and social media is detrimental to the health of the younger generation, Cox is hoping the state can disconnect from their tech... at least for one day.

"A phone-free Friday helps us disconnect to reconnect, focusing instead on makng new memories and experiences without hand-held technology," the declaration reads.

Along with Phone-Free Fridays, Cox is nudging people to participate in other activities sans technology, such as phone-free date night, phone-free dinner, or phone-free family time.

The declaration mentions the findings of the National Institutes of Health that say the excessive use of smartphones hurts relationships, exacerbates distress and diminishes creativity.

"We hope to bring awareness to the importance of going phone-free and setting aside time for activities not involving technology," continued the declaration, "and we encourage parents to collaborate with their children to develop proactive cell phone regulations together."

Cox used social media, including X, formally known as Twitter, to release his declaration... presumably from his phone.