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Easton Oliverson returns home to Utah following head injury

Posted at 12:11 PM, Aug 30, 2022

DANVILLE, Penn. — After spending over two weeks in a Pennsylvania hospital, injured little league baseball player Easton Oliverson returned home to Utah on Tuesday.

Watch: Video captured by Geisinger, the hospital where Easton was receiving treatment in Pennsylvania, shows Easton boarding plane to come home to Utah

Easton oliverson leaving PA hospital

A special medical plane carrying the 12-year-old landed at Salt Lake City International Airport just before 3:30 p.m. Easton was then placed in an ambulance and transported to Primary Children's Hospital where he will continue his recovery from the severe head injury he suffered at the Little League World Series.

Before he left, Easton spoke to everyone who has supported him on a video posted to Facebook.

Watch the full message from Easton below

Easton Thank You Message

"Hi, everyone! This is Easton. Thank you for all of your prayers. Please keep praying for me as I continue to get better. I know the prayers and blessings have worked, and that Heavenly Father is blessing me."

While originally being given only a slight chance after falling out of his dormitory bunk bed on Aug. 15, Oliverson has made a remarkable recovery, surprising even the doctors who had been treating him at a Pennsylvania hospital.

"It was a scary road, there was a time period where we didn't think he was going to be around and after being able to witness so many miracles, like hour after hour, and all the blessings, there's no other way to describe it other than divine intervention," said Jace Oliverson, Easton's father, after his son returned home.

On Friday, Easton underwent surgery to replace his skull cap which was damaged in the fall.

Oliverson says the community’s support and prayers have been the driving force to his son’s survival.

“Miracle after miracle, blessing after blessing, after MRIs and cat scans, CT scans, things look great,” said Oliverson.

"There are no adequate words that we can use to describe the gratitude that we have for these two men- the doctors that saved Easton’s life," the family wrote on Facebook. "THANK YOU to each and every individual at Geisinger Hospital who played a role in taking care of, and saving our boy."

It's not known how long Easton will stay in Salt Lake City before being allowed to head home to the St. George area.

Video below shows Easton arriving at Salt Lake City International Airport

Easton Plane Arrives

“It’s discouraging, but at the end of the day we’re just staying positive with him and just reminding him that, ‘Hey, you’re here with us. We love you. We’re here to support you and we’re going to get you back to where you were,’” he said.

Oliverson's teammates with the Snow Canyon team returned home last week after playing two games at the Little League World Series, the first-ever Utah team to play in the event.