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Mysterious Las Vegas monolith removed; origin still unknown

Las Vegas Monolith (1).png
Posted at 2:00 PM, Jun 17, 2024

LAS VEGAS — The lifespan of the monolith discovered outside Las Vegas life was nearly as short as a similar object found in Utah.

Last week, the three-sided mirror monolith mysteriously appeared in Sin City, with nary a word on how created it or placed it in its position on a hiking trail.

Las Vegas police shared photos of the monolith that the department's search and rescue teams discovered near Gass Peak.

Monolith Removed
Empty space now remains after the mysterious monolith was removed

However, on Friday, the department posted new photos showing the object being removed from the site "due to public safety and environmental concerns."

The 77-inch tall monolith is now being stored at an undisclosed location until officials determine the best way to dispose or store it.

Las Vegas Monolith.png

In 2020, a monolith was discovered just east of Canyonlands National Park during a count of bighorn sheep. However, days after it was found, it was removed by a group who delivered it to the Bureau of Land Management.

The monolith madness that took over after the object was found near Moab created havoc for the area as throngs of visitors drove into the area, leaving tire tracks and litter in places that had previously been untouched.

At the time, BLM staff reported vehicles parking on vegetation and visitors leaving behind trash and human waste.

Since the disappearance of the Utah monolith, several other monolith sightings have been reported across the world, including an appearance in Iron County in 2021.