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Oops! Did Utah GM spill beans on team's nickname?

Utah Yeti
Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 29, 2024

LAS VEGAS — Out of all the draft picks and trades involving the Utah Hockey Club at this weekend's NHL Draft in Las Vegas, the biggest news might have come from the slip of the tongue by one of the team's big wigs.

While talking Friday about the team drafting Tij Iginla with their first round pick, general manager Bill Armstrong shared some interesting information on the franchise's soon-to-be nickname.

“When we hit Pick 5, that’s when we knew,” said Armstrong. “That’s when we knew he would be a Utah Yeti, I think.”

Uhhhh... what?


While the team will be known as the Utah Hockey Club during its inaugural season, a fan survey is being held to select the nickname moving forward.

Yeti is one of the finalists in the survey.

When asked specifically about Armstrong's use of that specific nickname, the GM covered his bases pretty well.

“I’m not allowed to pick the name, but I think the little kids in Utah vote about 25 times a day," he replied, "so I think they got it.”

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