Suspect in fatal Clearfield road rage shooting arrested weeks after incident

Posted at 11:54 AM, Jun 20, 2024

CLEARFIELD, Utah — The suspect who allegedly shot and killed a man during a road rage incident in Clearfield has been arrested on a murder charge nearly three weeks after the altercation.

Justin Kent Doman, 34, of West Point was taken into custody without incident Thursday morning by the Clearfield Police Department.

Doman was originally in custody, but not arrested, immediately after the shooting that killed 63-year-old James Saccato on June 3. At the time, police said Doman had been cooperative with officers and was later released.

Clearfield police said Thursday that it's move to arrest Doman came after investigators collected evidence and met with prosecutors with the Davis County Attorney's Office.

On June 3, police received a 911 call from Doman about a hit and run accident near Industrial Parkway and State Route 193. Doman continued to follow a Chevrolet Silverado driven by Saccato until both vehicles stopped on a residential street near 300 North and 1200 West.

The arrest report says Saccato got out of his truck and approached Doman's, who drew a handgun. Doman told police that Saccato attempted to reach into his Ford Ranger, believing he was trying to disarm him. He then shot Saccato in the chest and attempted lifesaving measures before being taken into custody.

During a police interview, Doman told investigators that Saccato had cut him off when merging onto SR-193, later "flipping off" Saccato and honking his horn. Doman said Saccato brake-checked him "multiple times," leading to Doman rear-ending Saccato at the accident site.

With Saccato continuing to drive, Doman called 911 to report the incident and remained in pursuit at approximately 70 miles per hour on SR-193. Doman said he used his truck to block the road after Saccato made a U-Turn on South Main, which resulted in a second collision between the two vehicles.

Doman claimed Saccato "made a motion as if he was brandishing a firearm from [his] waistband and pointing towards [Doman]." After getting access to his own weapon, Doman said he realized Saccato was not armed.

When Saccato reached into Doman's truck, Doman fired one round before exiting to render first aid.

"Clearfield Police Department expresses our sincere condolences to all those affected by this completely unnecessary tragedy," the department wrote in a release.

The Clearfield shooting came on the day after another fatal road rage incident in Lehi in which a man was found unconscious in the middle of a road after being punched by another driver. The man later died of his injuries and the suspect, John Jeffrey Williams, was arrested on one count of aggravated assault