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Some unincorporated Salt Lake County neighborhoods will soon become part of Sandy

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jun 12, 2024

SALT LAKE COUNTY — Despite being within Sandy City limits, this neighborhood on Mt. Majestic Road is unincorporated Salt Lake County.

"It was a really wonderful way to have get-togethers. We would have a summer event, swimming event for the neighbors," said longtime resident Pam Hanrahan.

"The good things were that we could have fireworks on our street, so that was really fun because right next door, they're not allowed to," said 4-year-resident Samantha Pierson.

In a few years, their street and many others will no longer be unincorporated Salt Lake County. A new law passed in the 2024 legislative session requires areas within or adjacent to Sandy to become part of Sandy City within three years. The Granite community and Sandy Hills will have the opportunity to qualify for incorporation first.

"They're going to have to do a feasibility study by spring of next year to determine whether incorporation is feasible or not, and if not, they'll automatically be annexed into Sandy City come July 1, 2027," said Sandy City's assistant community development director, Brian McCuistion.

Sandy City sent a mailer to residents inviting them to a town hall that happened Monday night. It also listed what the city says are benefits of annexation.

"Most residents will see a reduction in their taxes, so they'll save money by coming into Sandy," McCuistion said. "They could pay less for water, depending on which water they have. Obviously they'll be closer to first responders, both police and fire."

Mt. Majestic Road residents Tom and Pam aren't thrilled about the looming annexation.

"I know we've tried to be unincorporated and stay with the county for very many years, trying to get younger folks involved," Pam said.

"We're hopeful services will be readily available and occur in a timely manner," Tom added.

Samantha Pierson says she's interested in learning more about what annexation will mean for her family.

"I think the biggest question — besides fireworks, because that is the most exciting part — is are our taxes going to increase?" Pierson asked.

To help answer that question, the city has created a cost comparison tool on its website for residents to use. All it needs is your property value, gas and power bill, and monthly cable and phone bill.

"It will break down what your costs are in Sandy City versus Salt Lake County," McCuistion said.

The annexation will happen in 2027, but Sandy City says residents can apply now if they're ready.

"We just want to make the process smooth and make it work for all the residents and help you as much as we can in getting you information," said James Sorenson, Sandy City's community development director.