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Got the voice? Apply to be Utah Hockey Club's play-by-play announcer

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Posted at 4:27 PM, Jun 19, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — Tired of the same old office gig working in a suit and tie, just counting down the days until the weekend? The Utah Hockey Club has got a job for you.

After debuting the team name, sweaters and players, the only thing the team is missing is someone to describe the game action, and now they're asking people to apply, as long as they've got the chops.

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The team has posted an online application for its TV play-by-play announcer, hoping to find someone they describe as being dynamic and experienced.

"You’ll be the voice that brings the excitement of the inaugural season to fans across the state of Utah," the listing states.

Think of the perks! You get to work in NHL hockey for a living, travel with the team to all road games, and attend team functions.

While fans of the game are certainly knowledgeable, they better have a resume to back it up if they plan on applying. Candidates must have 5-plus years of play-by-play experience, preferably at the NHL level and "extensive knowledge of hockey rules, strategies, and current NHL landscape."

Oddly enough, one of the qualifications is that a person must be able to lift 20 lbs., so there's that.

Anyone interested can CLICK HERE to apply. If you get the job, remember to score us some tickets!