Utah NHL team naming vote whittled down to Final 6

Posted at 10:12 AM, Jun 06, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — The fans have spoken, and now there is a Final 6 in the race to be the nickname for Utah's new NHL team.

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After weeks of first round voting, an original list of 20 possible nicknames has been whittled down to just six options, with fans now able to vote HERE in the next round.

The following names make up the final six:

  • Utah Blizzard
  • Utah Hockey Club (Utah HC)
  • Utah Mammoth
  • Utah Outlaws
  • Utah Venom 
  • Utah Yeti

According to team officials, 520,000 fans voted in the first round of the survey, with the final 6 names making up 60 percent of the total votes.
The Smith Entertainment Group is allowing the fans to choose the team's nickname, which won't be used until the franchise's second season. To allow for more time to come up with the name and branding, the team will be called the Utah Hockey Club in season one.

Betting odds currently favor the Mammoth and Yeti, which are both at +200 at the Bovada sportsbook. Of the final six options, Venom has the worst odds at +700.

Six finalists comes as a bit of a surprise as owner Ryan Smith appeared to suggest that there was only a final four during an appearance last week on The Pat McAfee Show. It was on the show that Smith confirmed that Yeti and Mammoth had moved on to the next round.