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Friends, community members host fundraiser for 2 teens hit by car in Spanish Fork

Posted at 9:33 PM, Jun 22, 2024

SPANISH FORK, Utah — Dozens of people, lots of food and tons of love all came together Saturday night for 13-year-old Reagan and 12-year-old Olivia.

"They are really funny, kind, energetic," said their friend Sophia Chaparro.

The two best friends were hit by a car while trying to cross Canyon Road in Spanish Fork on May 18. Olivia is now back home recovering. Reagan passed away earlier this month.

"It's so tragic when you're hit with something that big in your life, and I don't think anyone really realizes it unless you've gone through it," said community member Ashley Slate.

The community wanted to rally for these two girls and their families, so on Saturday night, friends and neighbors came together to host a fundraiser for the girls.

"Any of our children could've been those girls that were hit by the car, and we want to make sure they know they're loved and supported," said fundraiser host Shelly Jameson.

Everyone involved played a part. "Staff" like Jameson and Spencer Flint helped organize the event including the silent auction.

"I live very close to where it happened and I was also part of the accident scene. I stopped for the girls so that they could cross the street," Flint said. "I saw the whole thing happen and I wanted to be a part of this fundraiser for their families."

Chaparro, age 13, also helped raise money through her hair tinsel stand.

"I thought it would be super fun for little kids to come and have a little color in their hair and still get some money to help with the family," Chaparro said.

Others like Slate created a booth all about crosswalk safety.

"Kids especially: make sure you're walking with an adult, making sure you're stopping at the curb, make sure you're looking left, looking right, make eye contact with the driver, make sure the driver is stopping before crossing the street," Slate said.

The last month has been hard for this neighborhood — especially Reagan and Olivia's families — but everyone hopes the families see and feel how much everyone loves them and their girls.

"It makes me feel really happy seeing all of these people come and support Reagan and Olivia and their families," Chaparro said.

Earlier Saturday, Reagan's funeral service was held, and youth cheerleading teams showed up to line the streets in support.